Flexabar Buoy Paint Application Instructions

Apply by brush or roller for best results. Do not use felt type rollers, recommend foam rubber roller. Best days for application are days with low humidity and temperatures above 40°F.


  1. Surface must be completely dry and clean. Buoy Coating Thinner is recommended for cleaning.
  2. Stir Buoy Coating thoroughly from bottom of can until pigment is evenly distributed. Can be applied without thinning. If thinning is necessary, mix up to one part Buoy Coating Thinner to two parts Buoy Coating.
  3. Before using brush or roller, wash thoroughly with Buoy Coating Thinner. Brush small areas at a time.
    Buoy Coating dries to the touch within 30 minutes, cures overnight. First coat should be dry to touch before applying second coat.
  4. Two coats should be adequate for normal use but additional coats may be applied.

Clean brush or roller thoroughly with Buoy Coating Thinner after use.

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