Undeniable Benefits of Aquagard


  • Enviro-Friendly
  • Multi-Season Ablative
  • Water based paint produces better flow and rolling ability
  • Soap and water clean up
  • May be used over other ablative or “hard” bottom paints
  • Exceeds Federal and State VOC standards
  • Non-toxic fumes
  • Controlled leach out
  • United States EPA approved
  • No Haz Mat extra shipping costs via UPS
  • Allows for year-round indoor application
  • Do not have to launch boat for 18 months once painted
  • When boat is removed from water, paint will de-activate during storage and re-activate when replaced in water
  • Can lower insurance rates
  • Reduces the risk of toxic solvent exposure to the user
  • Can be sprayed
  • Proven performance in the marketplace
  • Aquagard will not streak from rainwater (unlike solvent based paint) during storage
  • Ultra-competitive pricing

Flexdel Corporation’s Aquagard products are considered “environmentally preferable” because they release low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and heavy metals compared to other competing products.  Flexdel Corporation has commercialized many products, including Aquagard, which are patented, trademarked, UL approved, and registered with the US EPA.

The Flexabar Group, is located in New Jersey and has entered their fifth decade of operation.  The company was founded in 1953.  Flexdel’s Aquagard brand has been successfully sold into the marine industry since 1982.

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