The official Newsletter of the C&C Sailing Association.
March 1999 160 Carroll Street, City Island, NY 10464 Volume V. Issue II.

Bottom Paint — Our Fleet Captain Makes His Choice for Racing and Cruising Performance!

It isn’t often that I decide to endorse a product, but with Spring upon us and our thoughts on preparing our C&C’s for the season ahead, I wanted to share my thoughts on a bottom paint which was my choice for last year and this year: Aquagard.

What are my standards for judging a good bottom paint? Application, anti-fouling properties, color and price. Aquagard is without doubt, the easiest paint I’ve ever applied. It goes on smoothly and your boat needs little to no preparation (most cases, a light sanding using 80 sandpaper.) It has no fumes, and it can be applied indoors.

Aquagard is also water-based. Simply put, the boat will clean itself as you move through the water. Cleaning can usually be done with a quick wipe while you’re at the mooring or dock.

Best feature, which is hard to find in any bottom paint, is that it comes in Shark White (you can also choose from seven other colors.) This not only makes the boat look good, but it is incredibly easy to clean while in the water. Any growth or dirt is easy to spot.

Press Article From The Masthead

I would like to keep you up to date on the continued use of your Aquagard bottom paint. Since I retired almost three years ago after 43 very active years un the boat business, I have finally had the time to play at my hobby, boats! I fish almost every morning either in New Jersey or Florida and your bottom paint has out performed all the non waterbased I used to use in both cold and warm water.

My latest kick was to have a traditional Harkers Island boat built. The “LITTLE GUY too” was completed last year and as Jamie Lewis the builder put it, with a “yacht finish”. Naturally I needed a bottom paint that would not only have excellent anti fouling properties, but would look good in competition. In the first event I entered, the Antique and Classic Boat Society Barnegat Bay Chapter the boat was awarded 100 points and received first place in the replica/contemporary division.
“LITTLE GUY too” goes into winter storage to await next years competitions and “LITTLE GUY” will be shipped to Florida for another season of hard fishing.

Thanks for making a great product.

Bob Massey

My first experience using Aquagard antifouling bottom boat paint has made me your customer for life.

Last season we had the bottom completely scraped & sanded down to the fiberglass, and I was a bit apprehensive using a new product, but you primer & blue bottom paint is absolutely the best.
When we had the boat hauled last month there where no barnacles and after the power wash it looked freshly painted. Even my boat mechanic asked what bottom paint we used-he was impressed.
You have a great product and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AQUAGARD.

Marilyn Sharrock

I am pleased to inform you that our experience with your water based anti-fouling paint (Aquagard) has been excellent. At the United States Sailing Center of Martin County in Stuart, FL, we keep five sail boats and fivesafety boats in the water year round. Our most difficult maintenance problem is keeping the boat bottom clear, particularly free of barnacles and grass.All regular vinyl bottom boats that we have used to date have not held up very well, so we experimented with your paint. We found the results to be superior particularly in keeping our boats barnacle free. We are going to apply Aquagard on 3 more boats this summer to further check results. If the results continue to be superior to the other brands (two), we will cover all our boats with your product and become an even stronger advocate of your paint.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us solve this most challenging maintenance problem

Robert J. LeFort, Sr.Treasurer

For the past few years I have been using Aquagard waterbase antifouling Bottom Boat Paint on my Wellcraft. I particularly like the ease of application and water clean up. It is a big improvement over the old oil base paints & it has kept the growth off the
bottom of the boat for the entire season.

The added plus is that it is environmentally friendlier than the old products on the market.

Bill GeroldLavallette Yacht Club

I found the paint to be an excellent product, performing as well as the best paints on the market. The additional benefit of your product is that water can be used for clean up. This characteristic, in my opinion, makes Aquagard superior to other ablative anti-fouling paints.

James F. MoranNaval Architect

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