Robert J. LeFort, Sr.

I am pleased to inform you that our experience with your water based anti-fouling paint (Aquagard) has been excellent. At the United States Sailing Center of Martin County in Stuart, FL, we keep five sail boats and fivesafety boats in the water year round. Our most difficult maintenance problem is keeping the boat bottom clear, particularly free of barnacles and grass.All regular vinyl bottom boats that we have used to date have not held up very well, so we experimented with your paint. We found the results to be superior particularly in keeping our boats barnacle free. We are going to apply Aquagard on 3 more boats this summer to further check results. If the results continue to be superior to the other brands (two), we will cover all our boats with your product and become an even stronger advocate of your paint.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us solve this most challenging maintenance problem

Robert J. LeFort, Sr.Treasurer

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